Sunday, March 20, 2011

assorted pieces of art

I just took pictures of all the pieces of art I have that I've done in the past.

The original pictures were taken from national geographic magazines.

If you send me a picture of your pet, yes, I'll be able to draw it using pointilism.

I'm gonna make en effort to draw a little everyday and post to you folks.
Thanks for watching my blog.


PixelJAM said...

These drawings look very good!

Linda Anfuso said...

I like your work. You bring a good deal of movement to your drawings/paintings, which is often missing in this technique. Are you familliar with the Elizabethan miniature portraitist Nicholas Hilliard? He was also a pontillist, did very tiny intricate portraits using brushes with pointy tips which he called 'pencils', no relation to what we know as pencils.I really admire the patience and dilligence it takes to make your art.
Linda Anfuso Artist Afloat