Thursday, October 30, 2008

my collection of art pieces

I've spent some time doing some artwork these past few weeks. Here's a collection of my art pieces. If you fancy one, why don't you give me an offer and I'll ship it to you.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Day's Promise 24 x 24 Outdoor Painting

Day's Promise 24 x 24 Outdoor Painting

Day's Promise 24 x 24 Outdoor Painting

Monday, October 20, 2008

Most famous Art museums around the world

Most Famous Art Museums around the World

By: saatchi gallery

Art museum is the collections of much variety of exhibitions and paintings. There are old art, new art, pretty art, art that makes us think or is even shocking. Anything that people experience turns up in art: love, war, eating, sports, nature, and faith, anything at all. Most museums are either free or have free days when you can go and enjoy the art. Commercial galleries are also free. Many places offer free lectures, either by an artist whose work is on display, or by individuals who are very knowledgeable in a particular collection on display.

At Saatchi Gallery you can see the List of Main Art Museums around the World as follows.

Whitney Museum of American Art
The Whitney Museum of American Art is the leading advocate of 20th- and 21st-century American art. Founded in 1930, the Museum is regarded as the preeminent collection of American art and includes major works and materials from the estate of Edward Hopper, the largest public collection of works by Alexander Calder, Louise Nevelson, and Lucas Samaras, as well as significant works by Jasper Johns, Donald Judd, Agnes Martin, Bruce Nauman, Georgia O'Keeffe, Claes Oldenburg, Kiki Smith, and Andy Warhol, among other artists.

The State Hermitage Museum
The State Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg is Russia's premier art museum. It began life as the private art collection of the imperial family and was nationalised and greatly expanded after the Revolution. The Museum is housed in the buildings of the former imperial palace in the centre of St Petersburg.

Art Institute of Chicago
A world of art is on display––European and American paintings, sculpture, prints and drawings, photographs, textiles, decorative arts, and architectural fragments and drawings, plus the arts of Asia, Africa and the ancient Americas.

British Museum
The British Museum holds in trust for the nation and the world a collection of art and antiquities from ancient and living cultures. Housed in one of Britain's architectural landmarks, the collection is one of the finest in existence, spanning two million years of human history. Access to the collections is free.

Boston Museum of Fine Arts
The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston was founded in February 4, 1870 and on July 3, 1876 opened its doors of its building in Copley Square, a John H. Sturgis and Charles Brigham-designed gothic structure of red brick and terra-cotta.

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world at The Saatchi Gallery – London contemporary art gallery.

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Civilizing Rituals: Inside Public Art Museums

Civilizing Rituals: Inside Public Art Museums

In a groundbreaking study, Carol Duncan explores the function of art museums as ritual settings and as cultural artifacts that are much more than neutral shelters for art...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Evolution of Abstract Art and the Abstract Expressionism Movement

The Abstract Expressionism Movement, also called the New York School was exclusively an American abstract art movement that mainstreamed in New York City in the period following the Second World War. This movement was significant in the sense that it was the earliest American movement to declare non-dependence on European styles and to get a sway all over the globe. It also enabled New York City to replace Paris as the art hub. Prior to its reference to American art, “abstract expressionism” was a term used in the Berlin periodical named ‘Der Sturm’, in 1919. Arshile Gorky played an important role in inducing The Abstract Expressionism Movement. The abstract art works produced during the period of this movement are considered to be a combination of certain visual aspects of abstract European schools like Futurism, Synthetic Cubism and Bauhaus with the self-expression and emotional strength of German Expressionism. Though this abstract art was a mixture of a number of styles, its basic philosophy was to search and seek out answers for questions relating to human existence.

There are many similarities of style between abstract expressionism art and the work of Russian artists of the early 1900’s, the most prominent being Wassily Kandinsky. The abstract art from this period of the movement is often characterised by giving the impression of being produced in an act of artistic spontaneity. The work of pioneers of the movement such as Kandinsky, Kunz and later Rothko dealt with the expression of subjects including spirituality and the subconscious. However, meticulous planning and conscious thought was often involved in creating the many of the well known works of art which define this period of the expressionist movement.In the 1930’s in North America, prior to the mainstream acceptance of abstract art, social realism art had been the prominent genre of art. Mexican social realists such as Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros together with the Great Depression strongly influenced the acceptance and widespread popularity of this relatively short lived movement. Preceding the Second World War in the United States there arose a time of political sensitivity. Due this change in the political climate social protest made through art would no longer be tolerated. In American society an artistic vacuum had opened and the abstract expressionism movement arose into the mainstream, showcasing at major galleries in New York such as The Art of This Century Gallery.

The abstract expressionist movement spread rapidly thorough the elite art community of the United States through its major artistic communities such including the San Francisco Bay area and California.During the period of The Abstract Expressionism Movement, several artists started experimenting with shapes and colour. They broke away from what was considered to be artistic, conventional painting and painted complete canvases in blue, orange or other colours.

Dripping, splattering and big brush strokes were characteristic features of Abstract Expressionist Art. The artists of this period preferred larger canvases positioned on the floor over canvases that were easel bound and moderate. The focus of abstract art within the expressionism movement was not the portrayal of objects but the portrayal of emotions. In the broad sense, Abstract Expressionism was of two streams – Colour Field Painting and Action Painting. Colour field painting came up in the beginning of the 1960’s and involved using shape and colour to create religious serene paintings that were devoid of representative subject substance. The composition of colour field works were huge coloured areas with no forms or signs. Helen Frankenthaler, Mark Rothko and Ellsworth Kelly were some painters associated with this type of painting. Action Painting was a painting stream that arose prior to Colour Field Painting (between the 1940s and 1950s) and practiced by artists such as Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and Franz Kline. The driving force for the works of these painters was often considered to be the painters’ soul and life energy.

Abstract Expressionist Art appeared to be defiant, idiosyncratic and radical, and to some, nihilistic. The movement weakened in the 1960s while other movements such as minimalism and pop art arose in opposition to it. Despite the movement losing importance, a good number of abstract expressionist painters continued following its characteristic painting fashion for many more years. In addition, The Abstract Expressionism Movement profoundly influenced how some American artists of later generations used materials and colour in their Abstract Art.

About the author: Contemporary Abstract Art which has its roots in The Abstract Impressionism Movement is commonly used by contemporary interior design companies such as such as Interior Design Swansea. Article Source:

Abstract painting

Cedric Van Eenoo is an abstract artist, born in France in 1974. After Fine Art studies in France and England, he lives in Canada, USA, then Asia. He showed his work in Paris, Geneva, Tokyo, Montreal, New York. His paintings have a special use of line and color, his compositions are both minimal yet powerful.

Homeright Paint Stick Kit 5 Piece

Homeright Paint Stick Kit 5 Piece

Homeright Paint Stick Kit 5 Piece

Monday, October 13, 2008

Parrot Wall Art

Parrot Wall Art

Parrot Wall Art

Create a dazzling display on your wall with this handcrafted metal wall sculpture of 3 colorful parrots that will add a tropical touch to your decor. Parrot Wall Art is 27" x 20". No air shipping on this item.

A Guide to Specialty Art Paper

Hi, my name is Michaela Blassnig from I hope you enjoy this fantastic article on choosing the right Specialty Art Paper. Read below and if you’re interested in finding out more, visit my website at www.
Creativity is a tricky endeavor. To get the right look, you need the right materials. As any artist knows, anything can serve as a canvas, but for the truly exquisite look, you need something special. In this short guide, we’ll explain some of the art and craft products available and some possible applications for these products. Curious iridescent paper is certainly one of the oddest products on the market today. Normally, embossed iridescent paper is not so much a paper, but more like plastic or a thin, flexible and colorful metal, and as such, is well suited for sculpting and other crafts. Iridescent paper is often made by foil stamping and lasers on light-sensitive chemicals, and can only be used as a writing media with dry-erase or permanent marker.

Curious iridescent paper, however, will absorb ink and can be used for any variety of projects from drawing, painting and writing to crafts such as collages, paper mache sculptures and scrapbooks with a little extra flair and texture. Vellum makes a unique, translucent, and slightly iridescent paper for accenting crafts. Originally made from animal skin for scrolls, vellum has remained in common use to this day, especially in England, where British Acts of Parliament are still printed on nothing but vellum paper. Most modern vellum imitation is made from acid free cotton and is perfect for calligraphy and other projects requiring an antique or rustic look. Thin vellum paper and glue make a beautiful laminate for crafts such as scrapbooks and leaf catalogues. One of the medium vellum cardstocks of note is Bristol paper, a smooth, heavy pasteboard of fine quality. Originally made from pasted rag paper in Bristol, England, this hard stock is often the choice paper for technical drawings, but offers intriguing creative possibilities. Bristol is unique in that it is thick enough to have two working surfaces "front and back" that will not interfere with each other and each side can serve as its own writing or drawing surface. Artists working with friction-based media, such as crayon, chalk, or charcoal will want to use a rougher texture board, while smooth finishes are generally more suited to other types of media, such as inks and watercolor. For a breathtaking and unique look, silk paper provides a strong yet soft alternative to more mainstream options. Silk crafters have been making paper since the 2nd century, B.C.E., and it has stood the test of time.

Originally a product of China, it is the oldest of all luxury papers and is still in major use today throughout the world. It is truly amazing to witness the limitless creative uses artists and craft persons have found for silk paper. Machine embroidery, three-dimensional sculpture, jewelry, quilting, book coverings, collage, and mixed media are just a few of the possibilities, and the list is limited only by the artist's imagination. Globalization and increased efficiency in paper production opens up a whole new world of possibilities to today's artist. While at times the sheer bewildering array of new papers may seem overwhelming, for the professional artist or graphic designer who is willing to take the time to explore such oddities as McCoy silk papers, Curious iridescents, or Springhill vellum bristol, the results can be quite gratifying.

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Outdoor Montecito Painting

Montecito 20 x 16 Outdoor Painting

Montecito 20 x 16 Outdoor Painting

Montecito 20 x 16 Outdoor Painting

Learn How to Paint Like a Master

Painting seems to be the most common of all home improvement projects that many take on and do themselves. Some people think that painting a room is not that difficult but in reality there are several things you need to keep in mind to make sure that the room you painted looks like it was done by a professional. As long as you follow a few easy steps and learn to apply a few techniques, you will find that your painting job will turn out just fine every time. First, it is always a good idea to plan out how you would like the end results to look when planning a paint job. You may also save yourself a lot of headaches if you plan ahead. By repainting a room, your are adding character as well as a new coat of paint so there are certain things to keep in mind when painting. If you want to repaint a smaller room you will want to use lighter colors as darker colors will make the room look smaller unless that is the look you are going for. Same with a larger size room, darker colors will make the room look as though it is smaller than what it really is. Also remember that paints come in different finishes and the finish you choose will greatly affect how the room is going to look. Paint finishes come in flat which doesn't have a shine, egg shell, which is slightly shinier, semi gloss which is shinier yet and then gloss which is very shinny. Using paint with a shinier finish will be much easier to keep clean. A semi gloss to a gloss finish would be best for rooms that are lived in quite a bit like the living room and kitchen or for kids rooms. You should always sand down your walls before painting to smooth them out. If you have never done this before you may think it is just a waste of time and want to get right to painting.

However, you really should continue to read this article before you go running off to paint that room. You will make certain that your paint job job will look smooth and free of rough spots by sanding down the walls before painting. Sanding the walls before you begin to paint will give them a nice smooth finish. Your next step would be to prime the walls after they have been sanded down and dusted off of all the sanding particles.

Many people decide to skip this step in order to save them time and money but it is important to do this just like it is sanding because the results will show when you are finished. Your paint job will look so much better if the walls were primed before the painting was done. Primers start out white but you can ask the person at the desk in the paint center to change the color for you based on the color you plan to use for the room.

Once you have the walls primed, you can begin painting by cutting in the ceiling. By this I mean you will want to outline the area in which you are going to paint with a border of the paint you are using. To do this you will need a chiseled paintbrush that is about two to three inches. A chiseled brush is not the same as a regular brush because it is not cut straight instead the bristles on one side of the brush are longer than those on the other side of the brush. Make about a three inch border around the area you want to paint. Now would be the best time to begin painting the ceiling.

To begin painting you will need to use a painting tray or have a 5 gallon bucket. It will be easier to use a paint tray rather than a bucket when painting a smaller room or area. The bucket is best when you are painting a large area. If you are using the tray just add a bit of paint to the deeper side and dip your roller into it.

After dipping your roller into the paint you will want to roll it against the slanted side of the tray, if you are using a bucket make sure you have a paint screen to roll the roller on to remove the excess paint from the roller. You want your roller to be completely saturated with paint but not to the point where it is dripping. After completing the ceiling you can paint the walls. You want to start with cutting in the edges of the walls just like you did for the ceiling.

Then one at a time just fill in the open areas. Once the ceiling and walls are complete you will want to take care of the doors and the woodwork. Start by applying painter tape around the area you are going to paint, this will allow you to make straight lines and keep the paint off your newly painted walls and ceiling.
Then just apply the paint lightly with long brush strokes.
By following the steps that I have outlined here the job may make take you somewhat longer, but I guarantee that you will be much more satisfied with the result. Have fun and let me know how it turned out.

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Picture Framing Supplies Offer Excellent Savings

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For those who are avid artists, part of the fun of creating artwork is to show it off to friends, family and even a wider public. You may want to try your hand at framing your own artwork, whether photographs or paintings. It is not hard, especially when you take advantage of picture framing supplies like ready made photo frames, pre cut mat board or custom mat board along with mount board, as well as glazing.

Matting is a fun choice that you will need to make when you get ready to frame your work of art. You will first need to consider the type of art that you are framing. Generally, photographs are framed using wide white pre cut mat board or custom mat board. Other types of pictures can use more matting color if desired, which is readily available in both pre cut and custom mat board. You will also need to measure the frame in order to select suitable matting.
If you have a 12 x 18 picture frame, for example, you will need a mat board sized to fit that size frame. The 12 x 18 picture frame size is popular with the digital photography crowd, and it is a standard size for which you can find mats easily. Ready made photo frames come in different styles of moulding. You can select from simple yet elegant thin black metal, or you can go for wood stained in various finishes. The choice is yours, to best suit the feel of your piece of art. The mount board is used in framing as a backing to the piece of art. It is important to use archival quality products including mount board if you want your artwork to last far into the future. They are designed to capture harmful pollution from the air immediately surrounding the art, before it can damage the surface. They are also acid free, which prevents a host of deterioration issues that can come up if you are using paper products in your artwork.

Glazing comes in glass or acrylic. Acrylic varieties include those that protect the surface of your art quality photographs from harmful ultraviolet light damage, which can easily occur if the photograph is hung next to a window. Acrylic is also light weight, much lighter than glass, but it is not a resistant to scratches as glass, so you will need to decide which is more important for your particular framing purposes.

With such a wide variety of picture framing supplies available in both ready made and custom styles, you will be able to find a wonderful frame no matter what your budget that will look great.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Art Auctions For Sculptures

Art auctions are a great way to find new art for your home or office. I like to peruse the online auction sites for nice sculptures. I have found some very interesting items when Ive looked.There was a sculpture sold on eBay recently that was entitled Love. The art auction for this sculpture went above the estimated value. The piece was red and blue and made of polychrome aluminum. The French artists name was Robert Indiana. The art auction listed the item as six feet tall, six feet wide and three feet deep.I liked a hall stand that was carved from wood that I found in an online art auction. The carving depicted a playful bear climbing a fir tree. There was a young bear cub carved into one of the branches. The branches were there to serve as garment hooks and there was even a mirror on the piece in a carved oak leaf designed frame.There was an exquisite sculpture by a Russian artist that was sold recently in an art auction. The subject of the sculpture was a Bar Mitzvah boy and the medium was marble. I think that marble statues seem so timeless and elegant. It is an excellent medium for a sculpture.

The wife of artist Yitzhak Danziger signed a certificate for the brass sculpture her husband completed in 1969. Danziger is an Israeli artist. The piece looked very abstract to me.
It did not do very well in the art auction and sold for less than its estimated worth.

I found a lot of bronze sculptures in the online art auctions. Most of them were of people, but the ones I liked best were abstract. My absolute favorite was a Harry Bertoia bronze sculpture called Bush.
This piece is also known as a Brain or Coral. The bidding for this piece of art in the art auction was started at thirty nine thousand dollars. It didnt get a bidder.I saw little interest in the bronze sculpture art auctions for animal figures. Im not sure if the reasons they didnt get bidders were because of subject matter or because of price. Bronze is an expensive medium for an artist to work in and it takes a lot of training to be proficient.I have a favorite glass sculptor. His work goes for so much in online art auctions that I will probably never own a piece of his work.

Dale Chihuly is magnificent. There are permanent installations of his tremendous work all over the world.Crystal sculptures look more like paperweights to me.
Online art auctions for glass representations of animals and sea life are really neat.
My favorite art auction recently was for a hand blown glass jellyfish. It was magical.I liked another online art auction for optical crystal that had been turned into a work of art by artist Christopher Ries. The piece was small and called Lotus. It would look so pretty in a well lit display case.Im jealous of the buyer that gets to call this sculpture their own. They won the piece in the art auction for just under a thousand dollars. This artist uses blocks of pure, clear lead crystal cast from Schott Glass Technologies of Duryea, Pennsylvania.
It is truly amazing art.
His work is prominently displayed in numerous galleries and even in the Columbus airport in Columbus, Ohio.
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