Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Medecine Woman

This is medecine woman, the horse is in very faint watercolour as if in fog or as if it's a ghost.

This is a collage of wild leaves and bark and a watercolour painting as well.

I ended up donating this painting to a church in Kelowna, B.C. Canada. That was about a dozen years ago.


This is my original 'Joy', I created her about a decade ago.
She was created with a sharp lead pencil and a faint hue of coloured pencils as well.
I had afterwards created her sister: 'melancholy'
I'll try to find her in my papers and files and I'll post her for you here as well.

This is my first attempt at oil painting, I was 16 years old....that's...let me count for a minute.....

eighteen years ago!, in my twenties however I did many pointilism art pieces.

Ink pointilism proved to be my favourite medium after trying the paints, (oil, acrylic, and water)

I also tried pastels (too messy) and plain old lead drawings, which I still do once in a while.

When I want to create something withing a day or 2, I'll opt for the pencil. But when I want to take my time at something very detailed....that's when I go for my dainty pointilism pen.