Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Metal Art Craft- Old World Metal Art and Craft Directory

12 December 2008: Metal Art Craft, a non profitable organization from North America, is proud to announce the launch of the company website The website is an online directory resource where all information related to metal artists and studios can be found. Facts and data about different metal artists of North America including blacksmiths, tinsmiths, coppersmiths, sculpture artists and art foundries can be found in the Artist profile section. The resources available in this section of metalrtcraft can also be sorted by name, location or date. All this information can be accessed by visiting the page The website also offers a platform for metal artisans and studios to promote their work. Artists can display their metal art work and discuss in details about their techniques and superb metal craft skills. Artists can also upload their complete profile and tell about their past metal craft work. They can all provide detail about their current art pieces they are displaying. These benefits can be availed by submitting work on These details can help the visitors in better understanding of the artist and his craft pieces. It also gives an opportunity to potential customers to conceive the idea behind the art in a better manner. They can thus reach the right metal artisan through Metal Art Craft. They can also express their interest and appreciation for metal craft pieces they like. Other websites can also benefit from Metal Art Craft. Different websites can exchange links with us which may benefit the whole Metal craft community. The exchange link offer can help in promoting the products and services related to metal art and craft work. For more information on the link exchange program, one can visit To navigate the new visitors on the website, site map is also available. The site map can help the new visitors in locating the exact information they are looking for. New visitors can visit to check the site map The company Metal Art Craft launched the website with a single goal in mind, which is to bring and help the whole metal art and craft community under one roof.
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