Friday, November 28, 2008

Pencil Drawing - Drawing Tips Used By Pros

The art of drawing has been alive since ages.

Right from the men who used to carve in caves long back until the modern age where we use brushes and oil paints to make humans alive on the paper.

There have been different forms of drawing created, out of all of them pencil drawing is at the base stage.

This article shows you some simple tips that you need to keep in mind to come out with a high quality pencil drawing...

1. Keep It Light.

It is extremely important that you make the first outline that you sketch absolutely light.
Sketching & Drawing

This makes sure that you can erase incase you have made some errors without getting the paper to clutter up with creases.

2. Do not Rest.

There are many artists who have a habit of resting on their hand on the drawing paper while they are drawing.

You should not do this because this makes the paper untidy when you tend to erase your pencil drawing on that portion later on if you make some errors.

Moreover, the moisture and sweat that sometimes comes out of your hands tends to spoil the quality and cleanliness of the paper.

It is important that you also do not rest on the parts of the paper where you have already done your drawing.

This tends to form smudges on the areas where you rest on your hand and this literally spoils your drawing tremendously.

3. Get A Piece Of Cotton.

Rather than using fingers to smoothen the shades it is advisable to use cotton instead.

4. Sharpen Your Pencil.

To make some fine additions it is extremely important that you use sharpened pencils as this gives a terrific look to your drawing.

In addition, wipe the end of the pencil once you have sharpened them to remove the extra granite cluttered out there...

- Failing to do this might literally get your drawing untidy, and you will in turn have to erase the extra lines getting formed up due to this.

Basic Figure Drawing Techniques


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