Thursday, October 2, 2008

Picture Framing Supplies Offer Excellent Savings

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For those who are avid artists, part of the fun of creating artwork is to show it off to friends, family and even a wider public. You may want to try your hand at framing your own artwork, whether photographs or paintings. It is not hard, especially when you take advantage of picture framing supplies like ready made photo frames, pre cut mat board or custom mat board along with mount board, as well as glazing.

Matting is a fun choice that you will need to make when you get ready to frame your work of art. You will first need to consider the type of art that you are framing. Generally, photographs are framed using wide white pre cut mat board or custom mat board. Other types of pictures can use more matting color if desired, which is readily available in both pre cut and custom mat board. You will also need to measure the frame in order to select suitable matting.
If you have a 12 x 18 picture frame, for example, you will need a mat board sized to fit that size frame. The 12 x 18 picture frame size is popular with the digital photography crowd, and it is a standard size for which you can find mats easily. Ready made photo frames come in different styles of moulding. You can select from simple yet elegant thin black metal, or you can go for wood stained in various finishes. The choice is yours, to best suit the feel of your piece of art. The mount board is used in framing as a backing to the piece of art. It is important to use archival quality products including mount board if you want your artwork to last far into the future. They are designed to capture harmful pollution from the air immediately surrounding the art, before it can damage the surface. They are also acid free, which prevents a host of deterioration issues that can come up if you are using paper products in your artwork.

Glazing comes in glass or acrylic. Acrylic varieties include those that protect the surface of your art quality photographs from harmful ultraviolet light damage, which can easily occur if the photograph is hung next to a window. Acrylic is also light weight, much lighter than glass, but it is not a resistant to scratches as glass, so you will need to decide which is more important for your particular framing purposes.

With such a wide variety of picture framing supplies available in both ready made and custom styles, you will be able to find a wonderful frame no matter what your budget that will look great.

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