Friday, May 2, 2008

Humpback picture

This is as close to heaven as I'll get to in this lifetime!
Humpback Paradise Canvas Art

Humpback Paradise Canvas Art

"Water Proof Surface The technology was developed over the last couple of years based upon the combination of High Definition/Resolution Digital Photography and the New imaging style of Giclee. GICLEE Giclee is the French word meaning: ""to spray or to squirt with a nozel."" Our process is performed and combined on a new style of canvas, with ink & oil combinations that give a unique water resistant, vibrant color & durable surface quality unsurpassed in the giclee canvas art industry. Our ink & oil combination also allows for a guarantee of ""no separation"" from the canvas surface for up to 100-years. UV PROTECTION Our process is also UV protected against direct sunlgiht fading for up to 7-years. FRAMING The framing used is a lightweight wood product with steel staples in order to securely afix the canvas to the frame structure. The product also has what's refered to as Gallery Wrapped Edging. This is the technique in which we wrap the canvas completely around to the back of the framework in order for the image to be viewable from any angle in the room. This also creates the ablility to need no picture frame around the artwork, thus allowing the it to be hung in more locations without having conflicts with other woods, metals or any other interior design patterns, surfaces or fixtures. Ready to Hang And Enjoy!"

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